imagesWSVAX36RIf you are like most entrepreneurs, you deal in the practical day-to-day processes of running your business.   Your day is, for the most part, already planned before you get to work.  You are the type of person who has the capacity to look at the “big picture” while being sufficiently confident to handle any and all of the business minutia that seems overwhelming to most people.  When the unexpected happens in your business, it has the potential to be truly disruptive and in some cases devastating.  Of course, this just adds more tension – thinking of the overarching impact a disruption can have on your on-going business activities while your addressing the problem at hand.  Sound familiar?  It is the business reality all entrepreneurs share, and it is the trait which distinguishes the entrepreneur from all other business people.

The entrepreneurial personality is not something that can be acquired or infused into a student in a degree program or job training situation.  This personality trait is either part of the person or it is not.  It is characterized by an unfailing optimism in most activities and an unquenchable personal drive to accomplish, coupled with a desire to do better, without regard to the circumstance at hand.  The entrepreneur is often highly skilled in understanding what words and actions to use in differing situations to achieve an amicable outcome.  As such, the entrepreneur has a deep rooted unshakable confidence often born from experience and typically honed over time and through availed opportunities.  The entrepreneur is often consumed by a new task to master and once mastered, moves on to the next task.

It is no wonder that entrepreneurs have a pension for success.  They are invariably successful and infuse in those around them a desire to excel beyond what is expected.  Most established businesses seek diligently for individuals with entrepreneurial leanings because of the value this personality brings to the business in their thought processes and the manner by which they conduct themselves.

images9IB0KWPVSuccess, for the entrepreneur, is typically short-lived.  The personality attributes of the entrepreneur are often not conducive to the perceived drudgery of keeping a business going day-to-day.  Consequently, business practices often are “put-off” to another day or time.  This is not due to the entrepreneur having any difficulty in understanding the processes or its necessity.  The problem is one of prioritization and the perception that the process of “running” the business is like pouring one’s creative energy into a bottomless pit.

imagesYA2VPC7EIt is for the business entrepreneur that this site is offered.  The emphasis here is to  give sound practical advice which seems obvious, yet is often overlooked due to the more pressing needs at hand.  Here the focus is on the continuity of operations of the business (COOP) .  COOP encompasses many areas and can become quite complex as a business grows.  Yet, COOP is very practical and need not overburden the entrepreneurial business owner.  Stay on top of your business and let us give you insightful ideas to help you keep your business running when adversity is at your front door.